Industrial Transformation Of Frozen Food
Apr 10, 2018

In China, with the frozen industry supporting related industries such as flour processing industry, meat and poultry breeding and slaughtering and cold chain transport is far from keeping up with the development of the frozen food industry. Affected by production technology, transportation and other conditions, frozen food product quality is still slightly inadequate. And by the industrial chain constraints, the so-called  "Staphylococcus aureus " in the production chain enterprises can achieve standards, but in the transport circulation, terminal is difficult to ensure that the transport process of cold chain, retail terminal cold storage, freezer and other equipment temperature is not up to standard, it is possible to produce. On the one hand is fierce competition, bad competition environment, on the other hand is a huge market space. In the international market, more than 60% of frozen food is used in the catering industry, while this proportion in China is less than 5%.

Huge market will trigger the rise of frozen food business market, for the development of frozen food industry to provide new business opportunities and space. In October 2012, China produced 363,000 tons of frozen rice noodle food, an increase of 8.36% over the same period last year; 2012 1-October, the country produced 3.142 million tons of frozen rice noodle food, an increase of 16.95% over the same period last year. 2012 1-June of China's domestic sugar consumption related to the main food, confectionery, canned, frozen noodle food cumulative production growth rate is lower than a year earlier. Compared with May, the growth rate of confectionery and frozen food production in June was significantly rising relative to that of the previous month. The production of wheat flour in China in October 2012 was 11.242 million tons, an increase of 2.99% over the same period last year, 3.17% compared with last month's production, and the cumulative production of wheat flour in China reached 101.199 million tons in January-October, a cumulative increase of 8.51% over the same period last year. In October 2012, the production of flour in enterprises above the scale increased year-on-month and ring. October of enterprises above the scale of flour production of 11.242 million tons, based on historical data, 2.99 higher than 3.2%, the cumulative output of 101.12 million tons, an increase of 8.51% year-on-month. In Japan, 70% of frozen food is used for fast food and group food, while China's frozen food is currently mostly supplied to supermarket retail.

At present, the frozen industry is less than 10 billion yuan sales revenue, similar to the catering industry has nearly 3 trillion yuan of sales revenue, whether compared with the sales of the catering industry, or with the developed countries in the same industry, the gap is very large.

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