Influencing Factors Of Frozen Food
Nov 09, 2018

1. Transport 

The ownership of refrigerated thermal insulation vehicles in China has reached about 3,500 vehicles from 1980 to about 30,000 by 2000. At present, China's refrigerated insulation car production has reached more than 100 varieties.

But compared with developed countries, there is still a big gap.

First, China's refrigeration and insulation car industry factory points too much, diversification of investment, repeated construction, repeated introduction, there is a "scattered, messy, poor" phenomenon;

Second, China's small number of refrigerated insulation cars, at present, China's thermal insulation cars only about 30,000, and the United States has 20多万辆, Japan has 100,000 vehicles; Third, China's refrigerated insulation car accounted for only about 0.3% of the proportion of freight cars, the United States for the 0.8%~1%, Britain for 2.5%~2. 8%, Germany and other developed countries are 2%~3%. China's refrigerated transport rate (that is, perishable goods using refrigerated transport accounted for the proportion) about 10%~20%, Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries have reached 80%~90%.

The ratio of refrigerated transport in China (that is, the ratio of the volume of the perishable goods using refrigerated insulation vehicles to the volume of railway refrigerated transport) is about 20%, and the European countries are 60%~80%; Four is China's refrigeration insulation car varieties and technical level although there has been a great improvement, such as K value (k value: a characteristic of microbial heat resistance, with the type of microorganism and sterilization temperature changes and changes, the same temperature, the smaller the k, the more heat-resistant microorganisms. ) The index is close to the international advanced level, but compared with the developed countries, the variety can not meet the market demand, such as Japan in the 70 's has more than 350 kinds, especially the carriage structure, the form of the carriage door is many, there is a lot of choice.

Some enterprises in China to introduce technology and equipment, product level close to the international advanced level, but design capacity, equipment manufacturing capacity, technical service capacity and so on there is still a gap.

2. Industry standard

Specification In the current situation, under the conditions of market economy, commercial systems, light industrial systems, foreign trade systems, aquatic systems are in silos to produce frozen food, there is no uniform industry standards and norms can be followed, management in a disorderly state, so that the quality of frozen food is uneven.

In addition, most frozen food production enterprises in the country using the original cold storage, freezers and other production of frozen food, there is no continuous rapid freezing equipment, there is no unified product quality standards and hygiene norms, resulting in a slow freeze on the market, reduce the quality of frozen food, damage the reputation of frozen food.

3. Quality of equipment

Although the production of domestic frozen machine has a certain foundation, but compared with similar products abroad, there are large volume, bulky, poor low temperature performance, high energy consumption problems. Some frozen parts production plant production of the transmission parts and foreign similar products gap, mainly rough shape, poor accuracy, unstable use performance. A circumference of more than 10 meters of stainless steel belt, due to accumulation error, in the low temperature environment, metal steel belt easy to produce chain-belt jump belt, break belt, resulting in user shutdown loss.

Spiral belt length generally more than 100 meters, domestic belt quality is unstable, easy to occur squeezing belt and disconnect. At present, frozen food enterprises small scale, strength is not strong, economic benefits are not high, at present, the country has about 1000 frozen food production Enterprises, "the volume of stability in more than a few tons", more is about hundred tons of enterprises, in these enterprises, there is a considerable number of frozen food is actually just butcher, Canning,

Cold drink factory and other factories of a factory or a workshop, this enterprise scale benefits are very poor. At present, there are import and export rights of frozen food enterprises, economies of scale can also be. However, it should be seen that the international market is unpredictable and very competitive. Foreign companies are particularly interested in the Chinese market. After China's entry into WTO, China's market will face all-round opening, from the original unilateral self-opening to the two-way opening between WTO members, there is no longer existing government protection measures, domestic preferential policies and other factors, foreign enterprises will comprehensively challenge Chinese enterprises, Product standardization work and product quality supervision and inspection institutions can only be fully in line with international standards.

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