How Can You Do A Reasonable Thaw?
Nov 09, 2018

When the seafood thawed, when the temperature rises to a certain range (from 0 degrees Celsius to 6 degrees Celsius), the melted water of the ice crystallization inside the food can be restored and absorbed into the seafood cells, and if it melts rapidly, the moisture will not recover and become a juice outflow. As a result of these juices with protein, minerals, vitamins and other water-soluble nutrients, it will cause the loss of seafood nutrition.

Therefore, the reasonable thawing of frozen seafood is the key to ensure quality. Generally speaking, the shorter the thawing time, the better, the closer the color to the primary color, the better. Seafood thawing, can be thawed in the natural air around 1-5 degrees Celsius, but also can be used around 15 degrees Celsius water spray thawing, but also placed around 10 degrees Celsius of flowing water thawing. However, it should not be soaked in static water; avoid thawing seafood in warm water.

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