Fresh Seafood Must Be Better Than Frozen Seafood?
Nov 09, 2018

With the improvement of people's living standards, especially for the elderly and children, we are trying to find pure natural, pollution-free food, and strive for food safety, health, no additives.

In all the delicious ingredients, probably the most "picky" Seafood! Common sense cognition, seafood, seafood, how can tolerate not fresh it! Fresh, probably become people on the most basic requirements of seafood, lively, dynamic spit the best! Feel the living fish and shrimp crab shellfish, good taste, full nutrition.

Therefore, most people in the face of live fresh seafood and frozen seafood, mostly prefer the former, snub the latter!

But it is not, for the following reasons. 1. Fish and shrimp crab shellfish after fishing, after all the way to transport and bumps, circulation to the aquatic market, it seems to be alive, in fact, when they are out of their own environment of growth, began to calculate the food, and then rely on the constant consumption of their own fat nutrients, and even some unscrupulous businesses, in Stealing some "material", this is seriously out of the consumer's own appeal, and even threaten the health of the body!

Unless you go out to sea and try to get ready-to-eat with the boat, it's better to choose frozen seafood that tastes and nutrients to beat live seafood!

2. Frozen seafood is the most "Frozen" seafood

"Boat freeze" is generally a large fishing fishing vessel, just fishing fish, shrimp, shellfish, crabs directly on the ship processing (cleaning-visceral (selective)-ironing (selective)-sealing/freezing) and other processes, which are 零下30度 or 40 degrees (see product classification) directly frozen or steam blowing after freezing.

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