Export Of Dehydrated Vegetables
Nov 09, 2018

At present, China's share of dehydrated vegetables exports accounts for more than half of the world's total, and the annual average rate of more than 20% increase. At present, the international market frozen dry vegetables price is higher, the average price is more than 5 times times the prices of hot air-dried dehydrated vegetables, become the main direction of the development of dehydrated vegetables in China.

The development of freeze-dried food, can be rich in agricultural resources deep processing value-added, export foreign exchange. At present, Japan is the world's largest importer of dehydrated vegetables, China's dehydrated vegetables in Japan market share has reached 45%; Jining agricultural Feng Import & amp; Export Co., Ltd. is also small and effective in exporting to the Middle East of South America. It is understood that emerging markets will not open up too fast, and the development of the domestic market also needs a considerable period of time, so we should fully understand the current situation, to avoid blind development.

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