Frozen Fruit Helps Reduce Weight
Nov 09, 2018

The weather is hot, outside the sun for too long, after the bath out, all people want to drink cold drinks or eat ice to ease the summer heat, but ice ingredients contain a lot of sugar, milk fat and additives, heat is very high, often eat harmful to health.

At this point, you can use frozen fruit to replace, with a natural sweetness, do not eat sugar and fat, but also to replenish the body's needs of vitamins and minerals, such as nutrition, heat is only one-third of ice, instead of desserts and ice cream, can also look forward to the effect of weight loss.

Fruit Vitamin nutrients, are preserved in the cells, by the cell wall of the membrane cover, affecting absorption, and freezing will destroy the cell wall of the fruit, improve the absorption rate of vitamins. Because the enzymes in the fruit will be weakened by heat, so when thawing, avoid the use of microwave ovens, placed in the normal room temperature of 28 degrees, about 20-30 minutes can reach the semi-thawing state, then eat is quite delicious.

And in addition to eating directly, added to yogurt, can also play the results of the shake.

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